Travel guide to Unawatuna

The southern coast of Sri Lanka boasts of some pristine stretches of beaches that prove to be idyllic locations for that perfect tropical getaway. What makes this location enticing to the traveller is the fact that the southern hamlet has an eclectic mix of all things fun and adventurous, while also possessing features that allow you to relax and bask in the resplendent views. With easy access, activities to engage in, and unique experiences to delve into, Unawatuna has got you covered.

Things to do

The golden sandy beaches of Unawatuna are famed for many activities that would get your heart pumping. Here are some things to do in Unawatuna.


Snorkel around the bay area of Unawatuna and be enthralled by the vibrant marine ecosystem, as the coral reefs act as a lifeline to many types of fish. Recent marine studies show that the bay is home to a more diverse range of fish than the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Common species that you would spot when engaging in the activity are Napoleon Wrasse, Bat Fish, Golden Moray Eels and many others.


If you are looking to go deeper into the mysteries of the deep blue, there are many opportunities for that, since the bay is prime for scuba diving activity. Similar to snorkelling, it is possible to witness the coral reefs teeming with a thriving ecosystem, while also witnessing some shipwrecks that go all the way back to the British colonial era. Fret not if you do not have a PADI license, as there are many schools in the Unawatuna area that can certify you.


The coral reefs of the Unawatuna Bay allow for relatively calm waters, which have made it a perfect location for the beginner surfer to hone their surfing skills. With predictable waves, which are just a few metres high, there are many places where you could rent a surfboard and try your hand at the activity. Should you be looking for some lessons in surfing, there are a number of dedicated schools that will assist you.

Hiking and trekking

Although Unawatuna is known for activities in its azure waters, there are many adventure opportunities further inland that are equally as good. Rumassala Hill, Kanneliya Rainforest Reserve, Hiyare Rainforest Reserve, and the Kottawa Rainforest Reserve are some of the best places to witness a glimpse of the island’s biodiversity on land. Make sure you come prepared though, as the terrain and weather can make the activity quite difficult to traverse.

Things to see

Located a few kilometres away is the heritage city of Galle, which is just one such city in Sri Lanka that narrate the tales of old Sri Lanka. From the time of the kingdoms to the period of colonisation, several remnants are scattered that provide great insight into the history of Unawatuna and Galle.

Galle Dutch Fort

If you miss the Galle Dutch Fort in your travels, you have not visited the southern coast. The reason for visiting and exploring this monument is a result of its long and illustrious history that harks back to the Portuguese colonisation, which eventually shifted hands to the Dutch and then the British from the 16th to the 19th centuries. As you enter the fortress, you are instantly transported into a little European city, complete with cobblestone streets and magnificent buildings, such as the Groote Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church), and the All-Saint’s Church. Strolling along the ramparts will allow you to reimagine just how important the fortress was during the days of old.

Japanese Peace Pagoda

The Japanese Peace Pagoda, lying on the summit of Rumassala Hill is a Buddhist temple donated by the Japanese in 2005, is that perfect location to witness some of the more spellbinding views of southern coast of the country. The Indian Ocean, complemented by the historical Dutch Fort in the distance, allows one to appreciate how mother nature artistically renders a unique image.

Martin Wickremesinghe Museum

Sri Lanka’s folklore and myth are wide and varied, which are best explained by seeing the exhibits of the Martin Wickremesinghe Museum. Within its halls are ancient relics and monuments that tell the village life of old Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Moreover, the museum is the former home of the island’s acclaimed writer, which allows one to delve into some of the best literary pieces in the country.

Yatagala Raja Maha Viharaya

Possessing a history of more than 2300 years, the Yatagala Raja Maha Viharaya is one of the last vestiges in the south that explain the story of the ancient Kingdom of Anuradhapura. It is believed that one of the first saplings of the sacred Bo tree, in which the Lord Buddha attained enlightenment, was planted in the 3rd century BC. The temple also showcases some intricate pieces of art that stem from the various kingdoms that came after.

Where to stay in Una ?

Finding it difficult to find a beach resort in Unawatuna that will suit your requirements? Angel Beach has got you covered in all aspects. Located on the beach front, it’s the ideal base to explore the heritage of Galle, while also providing the opportunity to engage in some exhilarating water sports and hikes. We, at Angel Beach take it up a notch by providing the best of both worlds; exemplary hospitality services and the best party vibes in the coastal town. Whether you have booked a day bed or a luxurious room for several days, we guarantee top class facilities for all patrons.

Where to drink and dine

One of the main problems that many travellers face when searching for resorts in Unawatuna and boutique hotels in Galle is that they would often have inadequate facilities to provide exquisite dining and recreational facilities to enjoy. Angel Beach is proud to showcase that our restaurant serves up some star class dishes ranging from Sri Lankan to fusion & international cuisines. Try Unawatuna’s popular seafood with our very own twist; the Seared Yellowfin Tuna or Chili Crab Angel Beach Style. Why not order a woodfired pizza to complement it? You can opt for the classic Hawaiian or Pepperoni or personalise your pizza instead. Quench your thirst with some of our locally inspired cocktails like the Lanka Espresso Martini, and exquisite beverages offered at our bars, while you enjoy the reverberating beats of our in-house DJ.

Weather in Unawatuna

The weather in Unawatuna is almost always tropical with lots of sunshine and little rain. However, the season that stretches from December to March are known to be the hottest, as the temperature averages around 31°C, with a humidity that often reaches 90%, so be prepared. Pack plenty of sunscreen to keep your skin safe and healthy.

How to get to Unawatuna

Unawatuna is easily reachable by train, car and even bus, which enables you to choose the best option that suits your plan without any hassle.


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